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2022 may not be the best year to change your country of residence, but if you absolutely want to, you should weigh your options. You need a place with developed infrastructure, preferably some social guarantees, don’t forget about quality education!

Let’s take a look at some of the best countries to live in.

1. Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries on this list with a high real estate value index. At the same time, it is consistently included among the best countries in terms of quality of life due to all the social programs that allow you to maintain a decent standard of living without going crazy or going broke. or both.

2. Finland

Finland has topped this list for years. Just getting there is not enough. The easiest way to move to Finland is to open a business or alternatively get a work visa as an IT guy, chemist, engineer or physics professor.

3. Ireland

According to a UN study, in 2019, Ireland was ranked 3rd in terms of living standards. Salaries, quality of education and health care, average life expectancy, etc. – these factors rose to all-time highs for a while. At the moment, the country is one of the most popular travel destinations. Plus, there’s great whiskey and lots of spuds!

4. Sweden

Sweden attracts many new citizens with its highly developed healthcare system, low unemployment rate and almost non-existent crime rate. Swedish citizens are fully protected by laws and regulations, can get education and social assistance absolutely free, so why wouldn’t you want to live there?

5. Australia

It is almost impossible to be unemployed in Australia as many companies are constantly in need of good professionals. Apart from IT sector, there is demand for jobs related to tourism, textile industry and agriculture. If giant deadly spiders, snakes and sea creatures don’t scare you, ‘Strea is the way to go.

6. Belgium

According to many studies, Belgium is one of the most peaceful countries in Europe, ideal for family life. Apart from beautiful architecture and nature, the country can offer you low crime rate, high life expectancy, excellent education and fantastic social programs for everyone.

7. Japan

Japan is one of the most culturally and technologically advanced countries on the planet. Many people associate this country with work, suspense and anime, and they are partially right to do so. But with high economic efficiency, innovative technologies and the worst tasting sodas you can imagine, it’s definitely worth going there. But only if you know Japanese. Otherwise, you won’t get paid much.

8. South Korea

Like Japan, people usually go to South Korea for work. The best part is that living in South Korea is cheaper than Japan, and their K-pop scene is bursting with life. If you can’t do typical IT or engineering stuff, become an idol. It goes without saying that knowing the language is very important here.

9. Portugal

Thanks to the comfortable climate throughout the year, people often go to Portugal when they need a nice place to spend their leisure time. However, it is not the best country to make a fortune, but the cool atmosphere and permanent holiday vibes will allow you to relax and finally start enjoying life.

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