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With the recent news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have broken up, new rumors about her love life have been doing the rounds online. Sources say Kardashian may be dating comedian Pete Davidson. But is this really true? Recent pictures and events where the paparazzi have spotted the two together may indicate that they might be a hot new item. Other online sources report that Kardashian has been seen with Kanye West on various occasions since her divorce was filed. One of those events was Kim and Kanye re-enacting their wedding for a live performance for Kanye’s new album, Donta. So are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian really done? Has she moved on to start a new romance with Pete Davidson? Read on to find out the real scoop on Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

It’s hard to believe that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are really calling it quits, and she did indeed file for divorce from Kanye in February. The two have four children, North, Psalm, Saint and Chicago. But according to one source, they actually do.

“Kim and Kanye are friends, but that’s it” A source told PEOPLE in October this year. “He’s still moving forward with the divorce. They weren’t in a good place when Kim filed for divorce. She’s very happy now that things are better. It’s all very beneficial for the kids.

On Kim’s recent Saturday Night Live appearance, she opened up about her divorce from Kanye West and shared some insight into what their personal life was really like. Interestingly, it was during that appearance that Kim and Pete Davidson say they felt some spark during a sketch together. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson played Jasmine and Aladdin and rode the infamous magic carpet in the sketch, which ended with a kiss.

Sources told Hollywood Life that the painting created an instant connection between them. Apparently, they had to practice their painting a lot. The real question is how much they rehearsed the kiss scene. “They had a great time – you could see the sparks. You could tell they became fast friends when he was on the show. The source said.

But some insiders close to Kim Kardashian say their air kiss was nothing more than acting and friendly fun. “They hang in the same circle, so they are together from time to time.” A source told PEOPLE. “It’s just friends hanging out.”

Since their SNL appearance, they’ve been spotted spending time together in public a few times. On October 29, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were spotted at Knott’s Scary Farm in Buena Park, California. It could be a double date with her sister Kourtney Kardashian and her new fiance Travis Barker. Kardashian and Davidson were seen holding hands as they enjoyed the roller coaster ride.

In the case of Pete Davidson, he recently broke things off with his girlfriend Phoebe Dinever. Although they were said to have a great relationship, they called it quits in August. Apparently, the distance between them made it difficult to maintain the relationship. Davidson lives in New York and Dinever lives in England. Although it didn’t last, sources say they were indeed a great couple. “Their partners think they make a great couple, but the distance has made it completely unworkable.” The source said. “It was wild while it lasted, and they both really cared about each other.”

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