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Flight attendants have always been the epitome of elegance, sophistication and confidence. Despite all the difficulties of their profession, flight attendants always look perfect. It starts with their unique and stylish clothes designed by major fashion brands like Dior, Balenciaga, Vivienne Westwood and more.

1. Qantas Airlines

Designed by Martin Grant, the Australian airline Qantas’ uniform is considered one of the best in the world. In her collection, she did something different with the shades and made a pop of pink. Especially the red and black blocks worn by Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr are very stylish and bold.

2. Air France

French fashion designers are known for their fashion sense, so you’d expect their national airlines to live up to that assumption, and you’d be absolutely right to do so. In the 60s, Balenciaga and Dior designed dresses for flight attendants, and in 2005 Christian Lacroix updated their uniforms. The designer used darker tones and paired them with signature scarlet gloves and a bright red bow-tie belt. *chef kiss*

3. Turkish Airlines

Inspired by the beauty of Istanbul, Milanese designer Ettore Bilotta worked on a brand new uniform design for Turkish flight attendants. He brought elements of traditional calligraphy and mosaics and combined them with contemporary interpretations of Turkish motifs. From hats and gloves to bags and accessories, easily recognizable patterns can be found in every outfit.

4. Virgin Atlantic

This glamorous uniform was designed by the amazing Vivienne Westwood. Blouse, pencil skirt, fancy jacket – all these elements combine to form one of the most popular flight uniforms. Additionally, the suits are made from polyester threads extracted from recycled plastic bottles.

5. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines uniforms have remained unchanged for over 50 years. Stewardess dresses were reintroduced in 1968 by French couturier Pierre Balmain. The designer took all the nuances of the work, mixed it with traditional patterns and added pizzazz. Did you know that the uniform is based on the national costume, the Sarong Kebaya? You do it now!

6. China Eastern Airlines

To create this uniform, the airline hired famous French fashion designer Christian Lacroix. The new look he designed was based on Shanghainese and European styles and combined with hints of French fashion. Lacroix chose navy blue as the base with vibrant red accessories. According to the airline, the uniform combines traditional oriental charm with the elegance of western style.

7. Virgin Australia

The Virgin Australia uniform was designed by Project Runway winner Julie Crbach and officially launched in 2011. The unusual combination of scarlet and purple colors makes the company’s employees stand out from afar. According to Julie, the entire process of creating the uniform from sketch to prototype took only seven months.

8. Skype

One of the best modern uniforms is the new SkyUp suit created by Ukrainian designer Lasha Madinaratze. She sketched the initial design, played with classy patterns, and added a stylish coat for the off-season! High heels are gone and replaced by more comfortable Nike sneakers, and the iconic silk scarf has become a staple of Skype’s uniform.

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