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Even in the pre-MCU days, comics have always had a huge impact on normal life. I’m not just talking about ton trading and hero fantasy, but everyday life as well. In fact, many things that even people who don’t care about comics use on a daily basis are sometimes inspired by comics. Don’t believe me? Bye!


While you can’t get comic book inspired pizza everywhere you go, you can get comic book inspired pizza in Florida. There’s a place called Ormond Beach’s Gotham City Pizza that has two dozen unique pizzas inspired by characters like the Hulk, Joker or Wolverine.


Not talking about actual flowers, of course. No, Paper Flowers by Nicky, a florist based in England, rips pages from comic books and turns them into floral arrangements. Many of us hoped that pages would never be removed from older, limited-edition comics.


That’s right, even the Word of God was inspired by comic books at one point. The parallel is easy to make since the New Testament is a book about a boy with supernatural abilities fighting against evil. Ministers across America have used comic book characters in their sermons to get messages across, such as the apparent connection between Superman and Jesus or how with great power comes great responsibility.

Scientific nomenclature

Scientists are probably the biggest nerds among us, so when they name a new species, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they use comic book-inspired names. This leads to a world named after the famous Wolverine actor, a species of catfish named Otocinchus padmani or the wolf spider Tasmaniangosa hagjagmani.

Court hearings

That’s right boys, girls and other non-binary readers, even the law, were simultaneously inspired by comic books. In fact, it was a pretty direct influence, as the rise of mature comics raised the question of whether or not they should be censored. Fortunately, common sense prevailed and it was ruled that artistic freedom was more important than protecting young children from obscene scenes in comics. Just like you have to raise your children!


Unfortunately, comics don’t just promote good things in life. One of the most popular examples of drugs inspired by comic books has to be Ecstasy, where you can find pills themed like comic book characters. These pills are made to be more kid-friendly, sometimes contain less MDMA and are filled with dangerous ingredients.


If you’ve ever watched a few episodes of Pimp My Ride, you know that many people who customize their cars are heavily inspired by comic book cars and go on to customize them. Let’s be honest: who among us wouldn’t want their own Batmobile if Xzibit paid for it? If you ask nicely, they’ll even put in a PS5 and a flat screen, and you don’t even need a house.

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