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Of course, being respectful and polite is usually a good start, although some women prefer to sound shy, so you need to do your research.

A first date is an important moment in life, even if you are not sure it will work in the long run. This means that the first step and, therefore, the first impression is very important. If you’re thinking of hitting the second date, you should listen to us.

Of course, being respectful and polite is usually a good start, although some women prefer to sound shy, so you need to do your research. But apart from the basic things, there are other things that will help you win the love of the chosen one.

1. Good sense of humor

Almost every woman thinks she looks best when she smiles. That is actually true. Women love a good laugh; Don’t force them to laugh. It was a terrible move. But if she starts laughing at you, or worse – pick up her phone, delete your number, and run like the wind.

2. Good behavior

Even if you’re really nervous or nervous about the first date, there’s no need to pretend to be cheeky. Of course, you shouldn’t be too polite, but try to find a good middle ground. You don’t want your date to see your nervous fancy side, do you? Act like a normal man, don’t say sweet nothings to her, don’t make loud noises, and fight your urge to pick those boogers out of your nose.

3. Pay attention to your date

Your chosen one is preparing for this date harder than you. She probably had a beautiful hairstyle, suffered from manicures, applied a lot of makeup… in other words, she tried to make herself look good for you. So you better appreciate that her efforts don’t go to waste. Even if she goes overboard, don’t forget to point out how beautiful she is. Especially if she goes overboard. Her luscious hair, fancy nails, shoes – basically please her ego. Women really appreciate people who pay attention to their appearance. And this is not a bad trick, with these words you will make her more confident and ensure that the communication will be very cool.

4. Don’t be a jerk

On the first date, you should not make any rude comments about the girl or her appearance. Even if you don’t really like smokers or drinkers, as you definitely do, see if she has something you like more than a bad habit. At the end of the day, you can come to a compromise, but the best way to resolve this situation is to decide right then and there whether you’re going to continue dating her or whether that’s your last date. To be fair, having something like this from someone you love will only get you so far. Be direct, be blunt, be willing to compromise.

5. Body odor

It’s not enough to always compliment her and make obnoxious jokes, because these have a tendency to end up with hugs, kisses, and god knows what else. What we’re saying here is that unless you’ve established male odor as one of her pet peeves, you should work on getting rid of that nasty BO. Otherwise, you can forget about scoring a second date. Like we said, this doesn’t apply to all women, but it’s a good rule of thumb to be clean in any situation, so don’t be gross.

6. Be generous

They may not be ready to admit it, but most women love to talk about gifts and fancy things. As your last resort, when nothing else works, there are still two types of men who get a second date: those with a ton of money and those with horse-sized personalities. All girls love animals, right?

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