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The easiest way to find out if a girl likes you is to go up to her and ask her. But we don’t look for easy ways, do we? Plus, you can put her in a bad position with such a direct approach. Even in today’s progressive feminist world, many women still leave it up to men to take the initiative. So, do you want to learn how to read women like an open book? Enter, boys!

1. She is always by your side

One of the first signs that she likes you is that you always see her around. If you see her, she usually straightens her shoulders to look more attractive. This is a girl’s way of letting you know that she likes to see herself, and that’s why she shows her best side.

2. She plays with her hair

Whenever you see a woman twirling her hair, she’s not bored, she’s planning her next move. She may be doing it unconsciously when she feels nervous about you being around.

3. She’s curious about your love life

How many times have you asked this question: “Do you have a girlfriend?” She’s asking for a specific reason – to see if you’re open enough to date her. Some cunning minxs even learn to do it indirectly through hints concerning your potential partner.

4. She remembers the little things

Maybe you texted her a couple of times or went to a museum and she remembers everything you said, down to the details you don’t remember, like the coffee you ordered or the color of your shirt.

5. “Accidental” bumps

If a girl takes every opportunity to rest her head on your shoulder or touch your hair, hands, or hold your hands, make sure she’s into you. Don’t mistake gestures like these for a mating call. She probably wants to get closer.

6. She asks a lot of questions

If a girl is indifferent to you, she will not ask unnecessary questions. But if she is interested in you, she will shower you with various inquiries. All her efforts are aimed at finding out whether it is worth following you or a waste of time.

7. She told her friends about you

If you run in different circles and her friends know who you are and she tells them how great you are, that’s what we call a crush. If her family members know about you, she is very serious about this relationship.

8. She values ​​your time

One of the subtlest yet most important signs that a girl likes you is her ability to make time for you. Have you ever realized how difficult it is to fit into a busy woman’s schedule, even if it’s something as simple as replying to your texts in a few minutes? Yes, if she is trying, you should respect that and stay clean.

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