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Asian women are very careful and careful when it comes to preserving their youthful appearance. Unlike most of us, they use special tools and cosmetics to make their skin look younger, eliminate wrinkles, and do all that good stuff. And judging from the 5-star reviews, these crazy contraptions must really be amazing at what they do, so give them a good laugh.

Here are 10 crazy beauty products from Asia that actually work!

1. Underarm straps

This ingenious hygroscopic patch absorbs sweat, inhibits the growth of bacteria and prevents odor. Why don’t you slap these puppies every day? You can actually wear this on your feet and maybe some other tough spots.

2. Mouth stretcher

The mouth stretcher is designed to train the muscles that lift the chin and prevent sagging of the face. The truth is that in everyday life, we rarely open our mouths to get these muscles properly trained, so in three minutes a day, you can fix that problem.

3. Nose tip pointer 5000

It sounds right: If you shove that contraption up your nose and give it some time, it will disintegrate the cartilage. Wearing such a device for half an hour every day will turn the tip of your nose into a mouse for… reasons?

4. Eye massager

What looks like a VR headset is actually an eye massager. This stuff is said to relax your eyes and help with certain health problems.

5. Breast massager

It looks like a hand about to grab a melon, and I think that’s what it’s doing. This massager prevents sagging breasts and improves blood circulation where bras normally press against the skin.

6. Facial exercise machine

It looks like a certain type of store toy, doesn’t it? But it is actually a great exercise machine for facial muscles. It is designed for those who are genetically prone to sagging cheeks and chin. Wear the mask for 20 minutes a day and you will see the sagging disappear!

7. Freaky Face Mask

What is this for? Your guess is as good as mine. Your face probably won’t fall off after a hard day.

8. Facial hair remover

Looking at this metal fountain reminds me of medieval torture chambers. This thing is called a manual depilator and it can help you remove unwanted hair from upper lip or chin easily. Be prepared for a sea of ​​pain.

9. Double eyelid glasses

This problem is not something that a typical Caucasian person deals with, as it mostly applies to Asian people. You see, most Asians don’t have double eyelids, and many women find that feature very attractive, so what do they do? They buy these weird glasses whose design includes tiny wireframes for the eye area, allowing the wearer to develop double eyelids after a while.

10. Slimming Slippers

These fun slippers are designed to give your leg muscles a workout even when you’re standing by elevating the sock area and keeping the muscles toned. A very clever solution!

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