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Look, there’s no two ways about it: In the game of romance, experience matters. Women prefer an older partner to a younger man. Naturally, there are exceptions to this rule, but it is generally true.

As much as we may try to think of age as a number, it is one of the most important numbers. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why women prefer older partners.

Females mature earlier

That’s right, men. While we’re still wondering what’s going to happen in tomorrow’s episode of Dragonball Z, the girls are planning their wedding. I mean, if we’re being really honest, most men aren’t fully mature to begin with.

Financial stability

While that doesn’t mean all women are gold diggers, you shouldn’t underestimate your financial stability. Older men usually have their things in order, a stable job, a place of their own,… This gives a woman peace of mind and a sense of security.

Young people don’t know how to present themselves

Friends, we are all fools at a young age. Hitting on women is mostly because you are trying to impress your partner, but you don’t know how to make yourself stand out. With age comes wisdom and the ability to stand out from the crowd without being awkward.

Older men are more caring

Young people don’t care about much but themselves. It’s a sad truth, but we need to grow because people have the empathy levels necessary for a stable and loving relationship. This is the main reason why an older man is always loved by a woman.

Mature men know what they want

You’ve been around the block a few times, so you’re starting to plan for the future and move towards it. Don’t fool around with different things all the time. There is nothing more attractive to women than having clear goals in life.

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It’s still an equal relationship

Older men have no problem helping around the house. They help as much as they can because they know you are building this dream together. Besides, doing laundry never killed anyone. Or at least I hope it isn’t.

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