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Most women, sooner or later, wonder how much they should weigh, and what’s more important, what’s the fastest way to lose a few pounds. But many people forget that the weight and reflection in the mirror do not give a complete picture of how healthy they are and what to do next. Experts advise not to focus on the numbers, but rather think about it from a different perspective. Ideal weight is not a specific number that applies to all women of the same height. You have to take into account many factors such as genetic makeup and lifestyle. There are many different types of statistics, and if you get it wrong, it certainly doesn’t mean yours is “bad”.

If you think eating a little meat on your bones is bad for your health, know that being underweight can mess up your body even more. A recent survey shows that extra weight is actually good for you. Here are some of the benefits of plus-size booty!

Reduces the risk of dying

Even with an increased risk of heart-related problems, extra weight acts as a buffer zone for countless other conditions. Studies have shown that husky people have a 6% lower risk of death than lean people. Also, a few extra pounds can help you sleep better if you’re over 70.

Body fat acts as a physical barrier

In some cases, that love you hate so much can save your life and help you live a little longer by providing resistance to possible blunt traumas. Think hip fractures or bad bicycle accidents. But don’t trust your body too much; It is still just flesh.

Older women are less likely to be depressed

Recently researchers have found that the FTO gene is associated with fat mass and obesity, and a slight decrease in our general happiness. Do you know what that means? Adults are generally happier and therefore less likely to become depressed.

Curvy women live a carefree life

As we established earlier, having that extra fat can greatly improve one’s health. But the body is a shell of meat that requires a healthy attitude. Fortunately for us, a lower chance of depression means a happier life! One of the studies on FTO showed that overweight women after the age of 40 coped much better with their daily lives, physically incomparable to normal people. The researchers also found that lack of exercise did not have as strong an impact on women’s well-being as it did men.

So in the end, try to love your body and you will see results.

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