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The amazing makeup look is a combination of beauty and creepiness

If, like us, you’re obsessed with things that are cute and slightly creepy at the same time – this makeup artist is right up your alley. Durian Philly Bautista 22-year-old Filipino-Spanish makeup artist who creates absolutely stunning makeup looks. We are inspired by the creativity Drian displays in his artwork. These makeup looks are beautiful and creepy, but mysterious at the same time. Many of these are inspired by nature, which we find incredible. It takes a lot of skill to find something common in nature and interpret it in a unique way. Durian likes to incorporate fantasy elements into his work and create divine-looking characters that blend in with themes of nature. All in all it is a feast for your eyes. Enjoy!

  1. Elf Angel

2. Honey please

3. White moth

4. Golden Dragon

5. White Cathedral

6. Elf Blossom

7. My face is my own garden

8. Your work is carved in agony as a statue is carved in marble.

9. White Peacock

10. Robot Elf Darling

11. Pangolin

12. Wild orchid

13. Yellow orchid

14. Golden axolotl

15. Queen bee

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