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Plus size fashion is getting more and more attention and we can only be thankful for this. Women with body types that don’t conform to fashion norms have felt like second-class citizens for far too long, and I think it’s a beautiful thing that we’re now changing beauty into more than just a number when you stand up. A benchmark.

With the rise of plus size models comes new representation of plus size models from all possible races. Let’s take a look at these brave women and their amazing fashion sense!

Priscilla Katerina

This beautiful woman is of Samoan descent (yes, like The Rock). A key focus of this model is to raise awareness that there is more to race than white, black or exotic. Priscilla wants to be a role model for all Samoan or Polynesian girls growing up so they can look up to or identify with someone of their own race.

Artie Olivia

This Singaporean-Indian fashionista has a unique style that inspires you to pay attention to your style and make some parts of her style your own. She’s not afraid to wear eye-catching prints in her clothes, and neither should she be. She looks like a bright personality!

Bisambar Das

This British plus-size model has Indian roots, which clearly shows in her looks. You can see all her amazing pictures on her Instagram page and it shows that she is indeed a very fashionable lady. When she’s not inspiring people with her clothes, she’ll be inspiring you with her gorgeous travel spots.

Vivian Keyoung Kim

The ever-adequately named Vivian Keyang Kim is someone who strives to create body diversity in Korean style. It may not be an easy task, but we think this beauty is up to it!

Naomi Watanabe

Naomi Watanabe is often known as the driving force behind Bunyus, a Japanese label for upscale women. Like everyone these days, he has an Instagram that you can follow to keep up with news related to his label and his life. She’s honestly pretty funny, so at least it’s worth following.

Veronica Bomi

Veronica (why yes, she has an Instagram page, thanks for asking) is of Polynesian descent, as is Priscilla Caterina. When she’s not busy showing the world that you don’t have to be wrist-thick to look fashionable, she spends her time helping others find self-love and empowerment. If this woman doesn’t make the world a better place, who will?

Tinder Badisha

This Punjabi-Sikh model has made a name for herself in the fashion industry, even making it to the New York Fashion Week. She is a very open communicator on her Instagram account, so she inspires more than just her looks!

Alison Deng

Perhaps the best-dressed woman on this list, you won’t catch Allison wearing something that doesn’t show off her absolute best. You can follow most aspects of her life on her blog, including pictures of her latest appearances.

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