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After appearing in the 1997 movie “Selena,” Jennifer Lopez, a simple girl from the Bronx, suddenly became famous. In just a couple of years, JLo has gone from an unknown Latin American singer to a major music award winner and one of the sexiest women in the world. No matter what your opinion of her music is, there’s no denying that her fashion sense is absolutely out of this world.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the most memorable outfits JLo has ever worn.

1. Zuhair Murad’s lace dress

Every year Jenny’s outfits on the red carpet become more and more elegant. By 2013, she had already given birth to twins, a completely different gen. Just one good look at this dress will make your heart beat faster. By then, JLo had already decided on her favorite designer for the red carpet – Zuhair Murad.

2. Puffy skirt by Christian Dior

As of 2013, Jen has released five studio albums and has completed acting in several movies. This was the year he was given a personalized star on the Walk of Fame, and as you can see, he dressed up for the occasion.

3. Versace White Pants Dress

White is Jennifer’s favorite color and she is willing to wear it all day long. Here, Lopez wears a classic white dress with a flattering cut, but keeps it casual.

4. Tom Ford’s mirror dress

Jennifer Lopez and her 43-year-old boyfriend Alex Rodriguez turned heads at the Oscars. A few weeks after the event, Rodriguez proposed to Jen with a huge diamond ring (she said yes), but let’s focus on the dress. No v-neck, no skin, not even a big cut and she’s still rocking it.

5. Silver dress by Versace

JLo wowed the audience again this time with a Versace dress and oh boy, what a stunner it was. The bare back, embellishments and the odd “hat” are great combinations that make this dress unforgettable.

6. Orange crop-top and giant skirt by Ralph Lauren

After years of experimenting with different styles, Jennifer Lopez finally received a CFDA Fashion Award — the fashionistas’ equivalent of the Oscars. This fiery dress and a long fluffy skirt really need an assistant to carry it.

7. Maison Yea’s saffron dress

Remember the movie Hustlers where JLo played a stripper? During the premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, Lopez wore a saffron dress and a beautiful hairstyle. Maison Yea did their best with this fabric and we will never forget it.

8. Roberto Cavalli’s Red Dress

During the Billboard Music Awards in Vegas, Jennifer Lopez wore this stunning burgundy ensemble that no one else could pull off. Thigh-high boots are the only thing any woman should think twice about wearing, but not JLo. Looks like she killed those crocodiles herself!

9. Weird denim boots by Versace

Four years ago in New York, Jennifer was spotted strolling down the street in these denim thigh-high boots. With pockets and belts. How do you design something this monstrous?

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