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In almost all superhero stories, genetic mutations account for their extraordinary abilities. But most of us don’t know how many people have extraordinary abilities plucked straight from the pages of comics. Sure, maybe they can’t control the wind and shoot lasers out of their ears, but their superpowers definitely deserve our attention.

1. Those who do not feel pain

Throughout its existence, mankind has sought ways to deal with pain by inventing drugs and other means. But there are talented people among us who don’t need any anesthetic because they don’t feel pain. At first, this mutation may seem like a superpower that everyone wants, but in reality, feeling pain is essential. People with such disabilities may injure or maim themselves without realizing it.

2. Superboy Liam

A very long time ago, a very unusual baby was born in America. Liam Hoekstra of Grand Rapids was born with myostatin deficiency, which means his body makes muscle tissue easier. When he was eight months old, he could already do pull-ups. There are not many examples of such mutations known worldwide. So far, doctors and scientists cannot say for sure what causes such phenomena.

3. Megamind

There was a man in Utah whose psychic abilities were beyond anything we had ever seen. Regular boy Kim Peake was born with cerebral palsy. He was not good at even the most basic tasks, and he found it very difficult to get along with others because he could only understand simple human speech. Despite this, Kim was able to read two pages of the book at once and never forgot anything she read. He memorized every word of many of Shakespeare’s plays and corrected the actors if they got it wrong. During his lifetime, Peake managed to read over 12,000 books and was a walking Wikipedia. His psychic abilities were so fascinating that they even made a movie about him called “Rain Man”.

4. Extreme flexibility

Many of us have met people who want to bend their limbs so strangely that only an exorcist can help them. One such mutant is Spanish actor Javier Botet. Javier is about two meters tall, and his limbs are proportionately long. Also, his body is very flexible. Botdet became famous for his role as a monster in the movie “Mama”, where he managed to turn the uniqueness of his body to an advantage.

5. A true daredevil

Daniel Kish, who was blind, developed the ability to “see” using echolocation. Daniel lost his sight at age one and was forced to live in the dark until he found a way to travel into space. Daniel clicks his tongue and uses sound reflected from objects around him to “see” where everything is. He is so good at echolocation that he can go hiking and even ride a bike without fear of getting lost.

6. The all-devouring goat

Michael Lodito, aka Monsieur Mongetout, made his living eating things that would send a man straight to the ER. Here’s a short list of his favorite foods: TVs, bicycles, coffins and even airplane parts. Michael followed his strange diet for 48 years and entered the Guinness Book of Records. No one could unravel the unbroken secret of this man’s stomach.

7. Seeing 100 million colors

If you are a normal regular human, you should have three types of cones in your eyes. These cones allow you to see about 7 million colors. But we know our vision isn’t perfect, and some animals have more cone types than we do. Unless you’re a woman with four types of fully functional light-sensitive cones, you can distinguish 100 million colors! Imagine seeing a rainbow with those special eyes. Oh, that’s right, you can’t even imagine, because 99.9% of humans will never see such colors in their lives.

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