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If you grew up in the early 2000s, chances are you’re a fan Malcolm in the Middle, a comedy sitcom about a dysfunctional, middle-class family starring Frankie Muniz as the titular character; A young man of genius. We’ll get to how much of a pressure-cooker that job would have been for Muniz in a moment. The network took a chance on the 14-year-old unknown actor. Unlike other actors, it is very difficult to write a character when their name is in the title of the TV show. But things took off and the show aired for six successful seasons, earning Muniz an Emmy nomination for Best Actor.

Hollywood life

While filming the sitcom, Muniz found time to star in a critically acclaimed movie My Dog SkipA Disney Channel Original Movie Miracle in Lane 2And Big fat liar Along with fellow child star Amanda Bynes in the good ol’ days, he was setting fire to random people’s vehicles and getting face tattoos. when Medium Ending its run in 2006, Muniz intended to take a break from Hollywood, and when he said “break,” he meant “a few weeks” since he signed on to star in the slasher film. stay alive That spring, with a couple of movies the following year. He continues to play bit roles on TV and has appeared in a succession of films over the years, but mostly as campy B-movies. Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! That title alone may be worthy of an award.

Frankie the Speed ​​Racer

Muniz isn’t exactly a force in Hollywood these days, but with $30 million in the bank like he does, job security isn’t the biggest concern. His luck allowed him to pursue what he loved. One of his dreams was a career in racing. In 2004 he competed in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race and finished 7th. The following year he finished 3rd. After exploring the idea of ​​co-owning a racing team, he decided to continue racing, signing a two-year contract with Jensen Motorsports. He stopped racing competitively in 2009, although he returned in 2011 for a Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race with a 4th place finish.

Musical motives

A serviceable drummer, Muniz joined the unsigned band You Hang Up in 2011, though it went nowhere. A year later he started playing drums for the York-Pennsylvania-based band Kingsfoyle. Although he left in 2014 due to what he called “scheduling issues”, in 2017 he will manage Astro Lasso, which consists of two former members of Kingsfoil. Apart from being their manager, he was also their monitor setup, lights and their driver!

Health problems

In 2012, Muniz suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. About a year later, he would receive a second one. Although he said in a 2017 interview that the stroke had no long-term effects, in fact, he later revealed severe memory loss to the point where he could no longer remember acting. Malcolm in the middle.

Business ventures

In 2018, Muniz and his fiance Paige purchased Olive Oils & Vinegars, a boutique store in Scottsdale, Arizona. They are very involved in the business, visiting suppliers every morning to stock up on ingredients, then bottling, labeling and sealing their oils and vinegars.

A bright future

Although Muniz has always struggled with memory problems, overall life is looking pretty good these days. He and Paige are set to welcome their first child (a boy) in March 2021, so fatherhood is his next adventure!

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