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Having a lot of money means that some skill you have will earn you a lot of money. It can range from intelligence or technical intelligence to exceptional musical talent or artistic vision, and for some it is at least partially tied to their body.

Insuring your body parts sounds shallow, because it is, but there’s actually a huge list of celebrities who have insured the craziest body parts you can think of. Bye.

Rihanna – Legs

We know she likes to show off her legs in sexy outfits, and she decided to insure them for $1 million that she loves her legs so much. Ri-Ri girl, you are so much more than a pair of – granted, amazing – legs.

Mariah Carey – Legs and Voice

I swear, this list isn’t going to include every celebrity who insures their feet. But I also tell you that this is not the last. Maria insured her voice — understandably — for $35 million and her legs for $1 billion. Not only does this make Mariah’s legs the most expensive body part on earth, but the singer values ​​her legs at 30 times the price of her voice. What?

Keith Richards – Hands

What do you do when you’re one of the greatest guitarists of not one, but two generations (maybe even three, he’s too old)? You insure your hands for $2 million. I can understand – this guy plays guitar for the Rolling Stones. It would be difficult without his hands.

Miley Cyrus – Tongue

This apparently happened after she started sticking her tongue out in public and it became her trademark. I don’t know how these things work, and I haven’t been up to date with what’s been hip for decades. She did, however, insure her tongue for $1 million in case some accident made her unable to… not stick her tongue out at people?

Taylor Swift – Feet

Ha, you thought we were done with legs, didn’t you? Wrong! In true feminist fashion, Taylor insures her $40 million, deciding that even though powerful women are artists, their most defining feature is their legs. In her defense, this should be taken with a grain of salt, as this is all based on an Instagram post where she posted a picture of her scratched leg and claimed her cat owed her $40 million.

Tom Jones – Chest Hair

That’s right, this man isn’t afraid to admit that he hails from a time when men were hairy, manly men! He insured his chest hair for no less than $3.5 million because he was annoyed by female fans trying to pluck his chest hair. After writing this story I have many questions.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Legs

Finally, someone insures their feet and actually makes money with their feet. The worst part of all? They are only insured for $90 million. Let me get this straight: the legs of a footballer who ends up being the top scoring striker in football history are not even 1/10th the value of his legs insured.Th 90’s Pop Singer Price. That’s the world’s fault, kids.

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