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When it comes to spending money, celebrities take the cake. Many celebrities go crazy with their spending, which you might think makes sense with a steady cash flow at all times. Super rich stars have made some purchases that will blow your mind. These are celebrities who make more money than most people can fathom. Some of these purchases are everyday items that cost more than you might think, while other purchases are for items that are really off the wall. If you’re ready to see how much money celebs throw away, check out these 8 extravagances of the outrageously rich.

Tamara Ecclestone: 1.5 million bathtub

She might not be your everyday household name, but Tamara Ecclestone spends the dough just like any famous celebrity you know. Daughter of Formula One chief executive Ecclestone, Tamara bought a custom-made crystal bathtub that cost more than $1 million, with crystal inlays costing more than $800,000.

LeBron James: $1.5 million per year fitness investment

What made LeBron such an amazing athlete? His talent, drive and work ethic are the biggest reasons for his continued successful career. But the $1.5 million he invests in his health and fitness every year can’t hurt either. This spans between his personal chefs, masseuses, full gym at his home, personal trainers and more.

Johnny Depp: $3 million to scatter ashes

Famous author Hunter S. Johnny Depp, who had a very close relationship with Thompson, went to scatter his friend’s ashes. He reportedly spent $3 million to have Thompson’s ashes blown out of a cannon. He also created a 150-foot tower emblazoned with Thompson’s signature logo, according to the New York State Writers’ Institute. All this was carried out according to Thomson’s will and will.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel: $6.5 Million Weddings

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got married in 2012, and they went all out to celebrate their love. They tied the knot in a destination wedding in southern Italy, where 100 guests were invited to spend the weekend with the new couple. The festival set them back $6.5 million. They bought an entire luxury hotel for all their friends and family for the wedding weekend.

Floyd Mayweather: $10 million engagement ring

Boxer Floyd Mayweather has developed a reputation for extravagant spending. But his ex-fiancé was having nothing to do with buying more than $10 million in engagement rings. Despite such a heavy rock to cement the marriage, the relationship did not last.

Kim Basinger: $20 million in her hometown

Kim Basinger, former star of “LA Confidential” and “8 Mile,” took it to the next level when he bought an entire town in 1989. He bought the town of Braselton, Georgia with other investors for $20 million. . She sold the town in 1993.

Tony Robbins: $59 million private jet

Tony Robbins is a self-made millionaire who made his fortune as a public speaker and life coach. He spends his money on luxuries like buying a private jet – a Bombarier Global Express XRS. This very large and elegant private jet set Tony Robbins back $59 million.

George Lucas: $100 million “Skywalker” farm

The mastermind behind “Star Wars” became filthy rich from his uber-popular creation. He gave himself a nice pat on the back by purchasing a $100 million farm, which he rightly deemed the “Skywalker Farm.” He has his own staff of firemen and fire trucks to protect his properties.

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