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The discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb became one of the most important discoveries in the field of archaeology, but the events that followed the discovery forced the world’s attention to shift from science to the supernatural. On November 4, 1922, archaeologist Howard Carter and his team discovered in Kings Valley, where the pharaoh’s tomb had been hidden for thousands of years, practically untouched by grave robbers. Not to spoil anything, but things don’t go as everyone expected, resulting in the mysterious death of the expedition’s host.

Recent history is full of mysterious deaths caused by the mummy’s curse, so let’s take a look inside this killer sarcophagus.

1. The Curse of Tutankhamun (1922)

After Howard Carter discovers King Tut’s burial chamber, he immediately contacts his host, Lord Carnarvon, with the good news. The British lord was delighted and immediately wanted to open the sarcophagus. Who could have known that four months later Lord Carnarvon would die from a mosquito bite? Here’s the weird part, there was a warning on Dutt’s grave: “Death will come swiftly to those who disturb the king’s peace.” Of course, this is a coincidence, but who can be sure?

2. The Unlucky Thief (2007)

There are many uncertain parts to this story, but it goes like this: On a visit to Egypt, a German thief discovers this magnificent relic on display and decides to become foolishly rich. He steals the artifact and smuggles it back to Germany. So far so good. Due to some reasons, he could not sell it immediately and kept it hidden. Time flies and the thief begins to notice that everyone around him is suffering, including the man himself. Shortly thereafter, he developed a fever that resulted in paralysis and rapid death. The mysterious artifact was returned to Egypt with an apologetic note by a family member. Hopefully, the curse is over with that.

3. The Deadly Hand of King Tut

Sir Archibald Read is not an archaeologist, nor is he anywhere near the mummified remains of an infamous Egyptian pharaoh. Well, except for Mummy’s withered hand. Reid was a radiologist who sent the amputated body part for X-ray examination. Unfortunately, less than 24 hours after unwrapping his last gift, he fell seriously ill and kicked the bucket a week later, another victim of Tut’s curse.

4. Mysterious annual deaths

People who don’t believe in curses usually change their minds when some sick pattern appears in their lives. Like family members die one after another on the same day every year. That’s what happened after a famous Egyptologist, Zahi Hawass, came across some mummy relics. First, his aunt died, then exactly a year later, his uncle and the next year his cousin. Coincidence? Very likely, yes.

5. You’re next, Hugh!

Hugh Evelyn White was a famous archaeologist. He and his colleagues/friends were working with the mummies for a while until they dropped like flies. White was the only survivor of the group. He could not bear the stress of seeing his friends die and committed suicide. He also left a note written in his own blood, saying that Hugh was cursed and had to disappear, no matter what.

6. Do not anger Osiris, the god of death (1971)

During a trip to Saqqara in 1971, Walter Brian Emery discovered a small statue of Osiris. He took the artifact to camp, but the call of nature was too strong. Walter went to the bathroom and never came out again. His assistant found him a short time later paralyzed inside due to a stroke. A few hours later, Emery went to face the God of Death, so I say he died.

7. The mummy that killed 1500 people

This story is probably an urban myth, but it’s too good to pass us by. A British museum had an Egyptian exhibit in which a real mummy was the main attraction. At night strange sounds came from the sarcophagus, and then one of the night guards suddenly died. In an attempt to avoid further victims, the cursed mummy was sent to America. Guess which ship it is. That’s right, it was the dreaded Titanic.

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