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Whenever we see POTUS on TV or in newspapers, we don’t wonder about his kids and how they are doing. If you think about it, having a child or even a teenager living in the White House would be very uncomfortable. The moment you leave your room – BAM! The Secret Service follows you everywhere you go. But despite living in this “gilded cage,” most, if not all, of the presidential children are doing well. Some grow up to be writers, others follow in their parents’ footsteps and enter politics, but they all grow up beautiful, inside and out.

1. Caroline Kennedy

Caroline was still a child when JFK became president. The entire Kennedy family moved into the White House and lived there for about two years, until November 22, 1963. It was then that the tragic events of the infamous JFK assassination unfolded, leaving Jacqueline a widow and a mother with two children. After leaving the White House, the family moved to New York, where the children matured and began their adult lives. Carolyn graduated from Radcliffe College and Columbia Law School and later endorsed the future POTUS – Barack Obama, helping him run his presidential campaign.

2. Barbara Pierce Bush

Being the president’s daughter certainly has its ups and downs, and Barbara Pierce Bush is one of the lucky ones to experience it. However, unlike her sister Jenna, who was known as a “wild blonde”, she was generally quiet. Party animal or not, these beautiful sisters grew up to be great and kind women. For example, Barbara co-founded Global Health Corps, and Jenna, she’s a television host.

3. Malia Obama

Do you remember how old Malia’s father Barack Obama was when he was elected POTUS? She was ten years young at the time and you can imagine the pressure she had to deal with. But Malia is no longer a child. Aside from a minor misstep at Lollapalooza when she was a teenager, she’s always been a smart and level-headed young lady. Now, the hellishly stylish Malia has made her parents proud by studying at Harvard University. We’re pretty sure this isn’t her final form, so watch out, world!

4. Jenna Bush Hager

Unlike our previous ladies, in 2001 George W. Jenna was a senior in high school when Bush was elected. Let’s just say he wasn’t too happy with all the life changes that followed. Jenna wanted to have a party, not be in one. Besides, she’s trying to figure out what to do with her life, and being stuck in the White House isn’t in her plans. George W. By the time Bush ran for a second term, Jenna was ready to help him in any way she could. And some say that people never change. Today he is a New York Times best-selling author and hosts the Today Show.

5. Chelsea Clinton

The White House became home to the Clintons in 1993 when little Chelsea turned twelve. It’s kind of confusing that the general public and the media over the years treated her as a joke just because she looked different. But look at her now, you haters! Chelsea is now in charge of the Clinton Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to improve health conditions around the world. Not to mention she is a loving wife, mother of two, and loves watching ballet.

6. Buddy Davis

In 1986, when Ronald Reagan took over the US, Buddy Davis was 31 years old, but he was still going through his rebellious phase. The 80s were a different era. Or so I’ve heard. Maybe people are used to thinking that all presidential daughters must be quieter than a mouse? Grandma certainly wasn’t like that. Initially, Davis did not care much for his father’s politics, but after he lived with his mother and father for a few years, he changed his attitude. Today, she is a writer, an actress, and even a model. What a beautiful transformation, don’t you agree?

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