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Today, there are a lot of “over-shipped” celebrity couples. Although celebrity weddings are beautiful, emotional, and filled with attractive people with lavish lifestyles, they are usually fleeting. Many relationships don’t make it through the Hollywood ringer. However, it’s fun to look back at celebrities who once loved each other but never stayed in the public eye.

1. Eddie Murphy & Tracy Edmonds

Funnyman Eddie Murphy married record executive and film producer Tracy Edmonds in Bora Bora on New Year’s Day 2008.

2. Helen Hunt & Hank Azaria

It’s surreal to think that these two dated for five years before tying the knot. After 17 months, they divorced. Many couples seem to last a while in a relationship, but the pressure of marriage is overwhelming. Hank said in a press interview that it’s hard to grieve the loss of a relationship because you see your partner on TV or on magazine covers. Ah, the problems of the rich.

3. Nicolas Cage & Patricia Arquette

These two are impressive acting forces in Hollywood and they lasted for about 6 years from 1995 to 2001. That’s longer than many celebrity marriages, so both should be proud! They don’t share any children together, but each has a son from previous relationships.

4. Pamela Anderson & Kid Rock

This trashy rock ‘n’ roll duo sent waves in Hollywood with their bold, no-holds-barred antics. Pam and Kid remarried in 2001, but split a year later. “Borat” is the reason for the divorce because the husband Rock is not happy with his portrayal of his wife. However, we think the two are each other’s soulmates.

5. Brooke Shields & Andre Agassi

These two were definitely a good-looking couple, but there were some serious issues. Agassi mentioned that when he told his girlfriend about his hair loss, he forgot to mention that he was addicted to meth for the first part of their relationship. I mean, he’s married to Brooke Shields, man! Dude really blew that chance.

6. Katy Perry & Russell Brand

These two are not a perfect match, but they are still crazy enough to get married! They were hit back in 2010 but realized things were over a year later (14 months to be exact). Today, Katie is with a more sensible and less wild Orlando Bloom, with whom she started a family.

7. Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton

Angelina’s marriage to Brad made her famous, but remember these two for their weird reasons, like carrying each other’s blood in a vial? Honestly, Thornton seemed more suited to Angie’s different brand than boring Brad. Alas, it only lasted two years from 2000-2002.

8. Elizabeth Moss & Fred Armisen

Elisabeth Moss called the relationship “bad and traumatic,” while ex-husband Fred Armisen called himself “a terrible husband” on Howard Stern. These two hilarious and talented individuals certainly weren’t meant to be, but they each went on to have great careers – very individual ones.

9. Cindy Crawford & Richard Gere

The two had plenty of smokin’ moments, like Cindy winking at her husband in the front row of a runway show or flirting with him. She lived the pretty girl fantasy in real life, but she got her own bag. We are jealous.

10. Sophia Bush & Chad Michael Murray

How can two teenage TV cuties co-star in such a small show for so long and not last? These One Tree Hill actors were married for almost five months and ended in 2005. Bush actually wrote an essay in 2017 called “Exaggerated” about how the shock of his divorce was public.

11. George Clooney & Thalia Balsam

It’s kind of crazy to think that George was married to anyone before Amal, but in 1989, Clooney married fellow actress Talia Balsam. It lasted four years, but he later swore to Barbara Walters that he would never remarry because he was “not very good at it.” Amal and Children would argue otherwise.

12. Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose

The outcome of this breakup was more amicable than Amber’s split with Kanye West. Although she and Wiz cite their irreconcilable differences, Amber says the two hang out often and are “really great friends.” They have only been married for 14 months, but have a son together and are still close friends. Now that’s what we call adorable co-parenting!

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