Feng Shui ➤ According to Brain Berries, the best colors for a man’s bedroom

Life’s toughest decisions usually boil down to what color to paint your bedroom. This is the one room that most people don’t see, but you really want to appear as a normal, stable and private person. . It’s a tightrope that very few are able to balance, especially men. We are bad at this sort of thing.

Fortunately, from the continent that gave us martial arts and sushi, came the decorative art known as Feng Shui. Let’s see what they have to say on the matter.


In traditional feng shui blue represents a person seeking spiritual growth. The hardest part about this is trying to figure out which blue color to use, because there are so many ways your subliminal message can go from “I want to grow as a person” to “I want to produce a male heir.” Not to say that baby blue isn’t a good color when used sparingly, but that’s not really what we’re going for here.


Red color represents fame. Now, if you’ve really made it in life, I doubt you’d want your bedroom painted red, but I think fame can be interpreted in more ways than the classic “people know my name.” Once again, this is a color that can go wrong very quickly, because you can imagine that if your bedroom is painted blood red, people won’t see you as a celebrity.


If you choose to paint your bedroom green, you will send out pure vibrations of health. It won’t really do anything to improve the health of anyone in the room, but at least your room will be healthier somehow. As with all the colors on this list – you can get it now – make sure that not every tattoo matches. Fluorescent green is not a healthy color in any culture.

Salmon fish

I’m not going to call it pink because it’s not a barbie dollhouse, but the salmon-colored room symbolizes things like love, marriage, and commitment. If your bachelorette speech has more ironic color to paint the magic room, I’ll let you know. However, it is doubtful whether we can overcome this.


Anyone who paints their bedroom dark gray (we’re not death metal fans here) appreciates the right profession. Even if it’s not the best news to send a significant other, it’s how it is.


Although it takes a skilled interior decorator to make this color work, more gold-ish yellows are generally associated with wealth and money, whereas plain yellows are colors that convey happiness and warmth. Keep that in mind when choosing your colors, because a slight difference in color can mean an entirely different thing.


White or light gray is best for creative and useful people. They’re very neutral colors, so they’re only for people who are trying to make the most of a blank canvas, or who don’t want to take someone else up front. If you can’t decide on a color, this is the best color because it goes with everything.

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