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We’ve all been there at some point. You meet a girl, show genuine interest in her, get to know her better. As time passes, you two form a bond. Then you try to make a move and she says she wants to be friends. Where did you go wrong?

Well, here are some points where you are wrong.

You are boring

Here are some subtle tips on how to tell if you’re bored from the other person’s point of view. Do you often keep quiet when you hang out so that it’s about the other person? You seem to have nothing to say. Do you always text first to hang out and spend time together? You seem to have done nothing. Now what do we call someone who has nothing to say or do? Exactly.

You are a smoker

For non-smokers, this is one of the most attractive things you can do. We all have bad habits, but things like smoking, gambling, and heavy drinking don’t necessarily affect your romantic relationship. All you can do is admit that it’s annoying and eventually you want to stop. Maybe one day you will understand it too.

Relationship history

I know we’re trying to call it slut-shaming so we’ll feel bad about people raising eyebrows about people with very turbulent relationship histories, but some people do that and that’s totally their right. Companies are less likely to hire people who change jobs every year, think of it as an application.

No signals

At some point when you’re flirting together, someone has to draw a line. There is a risk that the person is unfollowing you, but don’t you find out sooner? If a guy isn’t interested in pursuing you romantically, he has no reason to invest months of energy and time into it. Give hints, send signals, and let them pull it for you if they don’t want the same.

You are a sibling, not a partner

Don’t be the person who doesn’t want to go on regular dates because you don’t want to send off the vibes too soon. You know who doesn’t go on regular dates? siblings. You become a brother or sister, not a potential partner. You set this goal for yourself, don’t blame others for misunderstanding your intentions.

You have an annoying factor about you

It could be your voice, your laugh, the frequency with which you blink, you name it. There’s something about you that annoys people on a basic level. It’s not always something you can help or a problem you can solve, but it’s there. And not only will it annoy your potential partner, but their parents, family, friends, … try to figure out what it is and how you can play around it.

You are trying too hard

Any romantic lover will tell you that there is no such thing, but that love is either single or a liar. Everyone who dates has insecurities. Everyone knows they are not perfect. You don’t go over and look good; It’s creepy, delusional and borderline psychotic.

One of The Guys/Girls

This is simple logic. If person A does everything together with B’s friends, eventually person A will become part of person B’s friend group. Person A befriends and resents Person B, who is none the wiser.

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