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Once you begin your first culinary adventures and acquire the ability to distinguish this green from other greens in the store, another problem begins. Just when you think you can tell all green things apart, some foods look like identical twins and are constantly mistaken for one another.

Since we’re here to help the community in our way, let’s list some of the more common cases of misidentification in the food world.

Jam vs Jelly

These two are interchangeable. One difference is that if you’re making jelly, you’ll discard the pieces of fruit, while jam contains larger pieces of fruit. That is the only difference, so there is no harm in mixing the two.

Shrimp vs. Shrimp

Although size rarely matters, it is a defining factor in this debate. Prawns are larger than shrimp, which means they are more expensive and tastier. The word shrimp is also commonly used in the United Kingdom, while in the good ol’ America, everything is shrimp.

Cupcake vs. Muffin

“No, I ordered a cupcake and they gave me a muffin!” – He said no one. The main difference between these two is actually how the ingredients are mixed. Muffins mix wet and dry ingredients in separate bowls, where cupcakes use the regular cake method where you chuck everything into one bowl and see what happens.

Banana vs Banana

Although they look similar, there are three distinct differences between bananas and plantains. First, bananas are green – greener than an unripe banana. Second, bananas can be eaten anytime, but bananas should be tasty. Third, nobody uses bananas.

Raw Sugar vs. Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is actually slightly caramelized sugar, which is why it’s dark, sticky, and has more of a caramel flavor. Raw sugar is just…unprocessed sugar. The caramel flavor is much less pronounced and it has a very light brown color.

Gelato vs. Ice Cream

The biggest difference is that the creation of gelato does not involve egg yolk, while it is the most royally used ingredient in ice cream. Gelato is served at a slightly higher temperature, where the ice cream must be practically frozen.

Peach vs Nectarine

The difference between the two goes only skin deep. Peaches have a very fuzzy feel and a thick coat, which means you can peel them. Nectarines have a soft, flaky coating that makes them great for you to eat.

Macaroons vs Macarons

Although these two may look similar, they are very similar. There’s no reason to visually confuse a coconut cookie and a ganache-filled biscuit sandwich, so pay attention to the number of “o”s in the word.

Parsley vs. Coriander

Although they are both green in color, cilantro has a more vibrant color and most people find its smell similar to that of a stink bug. On the other hand, parsley has a very fresh and herbal smell.

Noodles vs. Pasta

They are easy to separate when they are green. Because of the coarse ingredients used in pasta creation, pasta tends to be very dry and hard. That’s why you do your best to boil it before you eat it. Noodles, on the other hand, are more flexible when they are raw. No need to see these separately, just toss them in the pot a minute or so before serving.

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