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While it may not seem like your eye color has a big impact on your life (honestly, it doesn’t), scientific attempts to link eye color to personality traits have been moderately successful. Knowing that four out of five people have brown eyes, it’s hard to get truly shocking results, but that never stops science.

With a grain of salt though, let’s take a look at some of the things your eye color can tell you about yourself. or about others.


People with Brown eyes (again, about 80% of the population) were seen as more trustworthy, intelligent, and kind. So, most people are either too friendly, or people are bad at judging how trustworthy someone is.


Creativity seems to be often linked Green eyes. Don’t forget, this often means that people perceive green-eyed people as creative, not that green-eyed people are the creative geniuses of their time.


People with Through wild plant eyes Seems to work better under pressure. They are generally very emotional people, especially when it comes to their work.


Now there’s one factor we can actually measure in numbers: men with Light brown eyes Also diagnosed with mental health problems. Not sure why or how, but the numbers are what they are. So remember, ladies, don’t trust light brown eyes!


People with Blue eyes Generally considered sweet and attractive. Unfortunately, the eye color we assume makes them the least intelligent.

Trying new things

When trying new things, Blue-eyed people Scored absolute best. They are generally more confident and outgoing, which means they seek out new experiences more actively than others.


Looking to the future positively, People with green eyes Excellent score. They are the optimists of the crowd and generally feel that everything will be alright in the end. This means that they set life goals more often than people with other eye colors.

Pain tolerance

Strangely enough, different eye colors show different things when it comes to pain tolerance. Tested by observing women during and after childbirth, it turns out that they are women Light colored eyes Women with dark colored eyes are more tolerant of pain. Besides, they were generally happier after giving birth.

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