≡ Scary Halloween Pieces That Will Keep You Up At Night ➤ Brain Berries

Jessica Lee Clarke-Pogin is a pie master in Vancouver with incredible baking skills. Not everyone can turn ordinary dough and various fruit fillings into real works of art. Jessica’s Instagram is filled with images or “pie-sixers” of famous actors, musicians, whimsical characters, scenes from popular movies depicted in stunning detail on delicious pies. Of course, since it’s almost Halloween, the spooky pieces roll in.

Jessica’s story proves that passionate, creative people can achieve success, even if their talent is something as basic as baking bags. That’s what happened to Jessica. At first, she had only basic knowledge of the pie-making process and no artistic education, which she thought was necessary for this business. But when her first Instagram bag with a dragon went viral, she did some digging and discovered that no bag design like this had been done before. In short, Jessica struck that Insta gold!

It’s a real missed opportunity to avoid Jessica’s Halloween-themed benefit. After all, a cherry-filled fruit pie, if tasty enough, would make a perfect Spooktober treat! I personally would feel terrible if I had to cut any of these bags, but as Joey Tribbiani says: “What’s not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, good! “

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