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Bacon is one of America’s favorite foods. Apparently, Americans collectively spend about five billion dollars each year on pork, and each of them eats an average of 20 pounds annually. It’s their favorite breakfast option, and many Americans actually love bacon, giving it the status of America’s national dish. What is interesting is that even though they eat so much pork, most of them know that it is not healthy. Most people consider it an irresistible junk food. They know it’s not good for them, but it tastes so good they’re willing to take the risk. But is bacon really bad for you? Or does it have some redeeming qualities? Let’s see what happens to you if you eat pork every day.

1. Heart disease

Bacon is high in saturated fat. We know that almost half of the fat in pork is saturated fat and leads to heart problems. This can cause plaque to build up inside your blood vessels, which eventually blocks normal blood flow, causing serious health problems and eventually leading to a heart attack or blood clot.

2. Less inflammation

What’s unusual and less talked about is that the other 50% of fat in pork is actually the kind that’s good for your body and fights inflammation. It’s an omega-9 fat that helps your cells build a strong membrane and raise levels of good cholesterol. You know, it’s 50/50 when it comes to pork fat.

3. Mental disorders

There are studies showing a link between excessive consumption of processed meats, pork and severe mental disorders and mania. Obviously, people with a mood swing are advised against eating processed red meat.

4. Essential vitamins

At the same time, pork is an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients that our body needs. First – it’s a great source of protein, with an average of about 3 grams per pork loin (and nobody has one, am I right?). It is rich in vitamins B2, B12, B6 and B3. Not to mention magnesium and zinc.

5. High blood pressure

We all know that bacon is a cured meat, which means it contains an insane amount of sodium. Some would argue that this is the most delicious. But too much sodium is harmful to our body, causing high blood pressure and in worst cases, heart block. Is this really a risk anyone wants to take?

6. Less anxiety

The strange thing is that many people say that eating pork every day makes them happy, and they may not be exaggerating. Best of all, bacon contains decent amounts of magnesium and zinc, which will keep you feeling calm and happy. In fact, zinc and magnesium deficiency can cause anxiety and an inability to cope with stress.

7. Diabetes

Some studies show that eating more processed meat products, such as pork, is associated with an increased risk of developing diabetes. To be fair, people who eat more processed foods generally have less healthy lifestyles, but doesn’t that study really consider that not eating bacon every day is the best way to prevent diabetes?

8. Better memory

Bacon contains good amounts of choline, which is essential for memory. Our bodies produce choline in the liver, but nowhere else is there enough, so we need to add choline-rich foods. Bacon seems like a good choice if you want to have a good memory or at least prevent the memory loss that many people experience as they age. Overall, there are positives and negatives when it comes to pork consumption, but we would say that the positive side effect of pork can be achieved by eating other, less processed foods that are rich in similar nutrients.

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