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It’s been over 90 years since the world first saw the adorable little orphan named Annie. But most of you have only seen John Huston’s 1982 adaptation. The film featured many Broadway stars, but the most memorable of them all was a young child – Eileen Quinn, who played Annie. Did you know that he was one of the 20,000 kids who auditioned for the role? Now that’s either crazy luck or a great talent. I bet it’s actually two!

What was she doing after her rise to fame? Let’s find out!

1. TV commercials

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but child stars are like hot cakes for marketers. Everyone loves them and will buy anything they sell. Eileen Quinn, after her big hit, showed unlimited potential for television commercials.

2. She waited for sequels

The makers of Annie put Eileen under a 7-year contract, which did not allow her to star in any other films. See, they were hoping to get some sequels, but despite the success of the movie, something must have gone wrong. Anyway, by the time her contract was up, no one remembered her. It was then that she decided to get proper education.

3. Showbiz is still her project A

During her teenage years, Eileen acted in a few plays. After he was released from his contract and got some time off, he started appearing in different music shows Frog Prince (1988), and TV shows etc Big Space Coaster. In 1989, Eileen enrolled at Drew University, where she majored in languages ​​and minored in political science. Spanish is her weapon of choice, and she studied in Chile for a few months as an exchange student.

4. What happened after she graduated?

After plowing through college, Quinn went back to the theater. From 1994 to 1999, he toured the US with three shows: Fiddler on the Roof, Saturday Night Fever and Peter Pan. After the tour, there were several smaller off-Broadway shows, such as Dreamstuff and Yiddle with a Fiddle.

5. From student to teacher

Quinn was a hardworking student, and when the time came, she volunteered to teach drama at Monmouth University in New Jersey. In fact, I think she still teaches today! At least that’s what her wiki info says. In fact, the 1982 version of Annie was filmed in that building, which is kind of poetic.

6. Music is her new passion

You heard her sing, she’s amazing! At least he was back in 1982. But she didn’t stop at developing her vocal skills, and 30 years later, she became the lead singer in the band “Eileen Quinn and the Leepin’ Lizards”. Annie’s catchphrase in the comic strip. They play rockabilly and I must say, their music slaps and pops! If you want to listen to them yourself, YouTube is still free. But you can visit them on their Instagram page and comment about how much you loved Annie when you were a kid. No, but in all seriousness, say hi!

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