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Parents like to ask their children when they will get married. I feel like such questions for women start at 18-20. Whenever you get serious with a boyfriend – questions and prodding from your relatives keep coming. Somehow, I doubt men ask this question very often. Interestingly, the more economically stable and advanced the country, the later people marry. The general trend for marriage these days has changed globally. People marry later and wait until they tie the knot of course. It’s not everywhere, obviously, but it seems to be where we’re all going. So let’s look at the statistics of what age women get married in different countries.

Mexico – 23

Mexico had a pretty bad history when it came to early marriage, but the laws have changed, so the age limit has shifted to the early 20s. You can imagine what was before. But 23 is still too young for marriage. The saddest thing is that it is still common in Mexico to think that women are basically supposed to be married and raise children and be housewives, taking care of the family, which prevents some women from waiting longer, getting a higher education or even trying to build a house. profession.

Russia – 24

The average age of people getting married in Russia is 24. That’s a big improvement, and young women there seem to be looking at their counterparts in the West and choosing to wait longer before getting married. Twenty-four are still to be found in the West. .

China – 25

China is notorious for early marriage, but as the country experienced a big explosion in terms of economic growth and development, it also affected wedding traditions. There are still plenty of women in the provinces who marry before the age of 25, but most women with higher education choose to wait longer, sometimes even until they are close to 30. Who knew finding work and providing for yourself could have such an impact.

Spain – 27

Be honest, you expected the number to be lower in Spain, right? After all, Spanish women seem so passionate that you’d think they’d get married soon. But even though the law in Spain allows people to get married very quickly, most of them are in no rush to actually tie the knot.

Japan – 29

Japanese women these days get married at around 30, and most of them say it’s because of their careers. Most women in Japan these days value their financial independence and strive for a successful career, so they take their time and marry only when they feel they have reached a level of success and met someone compatible. Basically, since financial support and stability are no longer a reason for marriage, Japanese women have no reason to rush.

Finland – 31

Clearly, women in Finland don’t care about outdated ideas. You know that thing where you hear that if a woman isn’t married by 30, she’s a failure? Well, Finnish girls are like “never heard of that”. They usually get married in their early 30s here and the divorce rates are certainly low.

France – 32

France is often seen as this super romantic country and many go here to propose to their partner. But French women don’t really think of love and marriage as the same thing. Love is definitely in the air here, but marriage is low on priority. Many couples date and live together for years before getting married. Almost half of the country’s children are born out of wedlock, and parents marry only after that. They know that marriage is a party and you don’t need it to be happy. It is seen as a symbolic gesture, not a requirement for those in love.

Italy – 33

It is not surprising that people in Italy are still unmarried in their 30s. In fact, it is quite common. You might think that Italy is a very traditional country and it’s all about marriage and family values, and that’s true, but marriage is something people don’t rush into anymore. Women wait until their 30s to get married, and interestingly, they tend to outlive their partners.

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