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If pickled cucumbers and tomatoes seem too old-fashioned to you, check out this selection of freshly made pickles or other fruits and vegetables you can stash in your cupboard. If you know how to make watermelon rind, you will be surprised to find that they are very tasty.

Here are some amazing things you can pickle!

1. Watermelon rinds

When you’re done eating that delicious juicy watermelon, think twice before throwing away the skin! Pickle skin is very tasty.

2. Egg

I’ve never tried pickled eggs before, so they look really weird to me. Like, why? Why eggs? Who came up with this farce? I bet it’s the ones who put pineapple on pizza.

3. Bologna

Some thought the pickled eggs weren’t redneck enough, so they sliced ​​up some bologna sausage. Pickled meat? How strange is that?

4. Asparagus

Pickled asparagus looks beautiful as a garnish and tastes heavenly. You can’t go wrong with these green sprouts, especially if you enjoy Bloody Marys.

5. Lemon

In India and Morocco, people have pickled lemons and other fruits for generations. You will love the flavor it gives to your dishes.

6. Carrot

When you try pickled carrots and feel that satisfying crunch, you know you’ve found the world’s best comfort food. Even kids will love this healthy snack if you sweeten the brine a bit.

7. Garlic

People usually add garlic to pickle juice for flavor, but soaking a whole jar of cloves? It might sound weird, but boy, are they delicious.

8. Grapes

Everyone loves grapes. Fresh, dry, fermented – these juicy drops are like a gift from God. So, it’s no surprise that pickled grapes are a surefire option with their sweet and tangy essence.

9. Peach

Do you love sweet and sour fruit snacks? Trust me, these pickled peaches will make you happy! Especially mixed with some ice cream. *chef’s kiss*

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