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Asia is a huge tourism magnet. Some travelers go there for the beautiful beaches, ancient monuments and a unique atmosphere, but it also offers an extraordinary culinary experience. But only if you dare.

Asia is considered one of the world’s most developed culinary regions, offering some of the most interesting, strange and often disgusting food items you can’t imagine landing on your plate. Snakes, spiders, dogs, stinky fruits – these are some of the best foods in Asia. Make sure you know all the ingredients before you decide to order something!

1. Arachnids, Cambodia

In Cambodia, no one thinks they eat fried tarantulas. Until thousands of people started starving to death due to some chaotic political situation. They have no choice but to love the land and all the creatures they can find. But nowadays, these spiders are considered very tasty! Cell shape.

2. Durian, Thailand

Imagine ripe and beautiful fruit, now imagine it smelling like your dirty socks. Why do you have to be mean, Asia?

3. Cobra Hart, Vietnam

Eye of the tiger? Shhh! How about hearing about a deadly cobra? Yes, in Vietnam, you can order this delicacy in its raw state, serve it with a glass of cobra blood, or you can drown it in rice wine.

4. Bird’s Nest Soup, China

Have you tried one of the most expensive soups in the world? The white nests are made of bird spit, which means you’re Frenching some poor bird mom while you’re eating soup. Disgusting!

5. Channakji, South Korea

Sliced ​​octopus tentacles aren’t the worst thing to munch on, but how would you like them still snaking around your plate? It looks like a scene from a dream.

6. Fuku, Japan

Fugu, or pufferfish, is incredibly poisonous, but crafty Japanese chefs have found a way to safely remove the dangerous glass and make the fish edible. However, there is always the chance that the chef misses the spot and you could literally die. Are you ready for this fish to be your last meal?

7. Bugs, everywhere

Why not deep-fry grasshoppers, locusts, and centipedes? Sprinkle with some salt and pepper and crush it all down with a beer or soda. Or, you know, don’t! Have a nice juicy burger instead.

8. Bad soup

We couldn’t let this slide. On the one hand, it’s a bowl of soup, but on the other hand, there’s a hairy pad in your soup. We’re sure it tastes great, but we prefer to stick to ramen noodles.

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